Our Team

Providing our community and patients with the best of care and support is very important to us and this requires a team approach across all our services, from hospitality to clinical care, gardeners, maintenance, finance, administration, everyone contributes.

Board of Directors

Board Chair

Marie Ritchie

Deputy Board Chair

Beverley Walsh

Board Members

Tania Hanson

Laurie Warfe

Rachael McGann

Prof. Sue Driscoll

Kushal Shah

Sam Afra

Synnove Frydenlund

Patrick Nolan

Brent Kimpton

Trudy Ararat






Mrs Noni Bourke
Chief Executive Officer


Mrs Sharyn Gregory
Executive Assistant to CEO/DON


Mrs Aileen Thoms
Manager Community and Innovation

Mr. David Ramsay
Director of Nursing


Mr Alister Ferguson
Finance Manager



Organisational structure