So that all residents in the Westernport Region receive the very best in healthcare without having to travel to Melbourne, we bring in a range of experienced specialists on a regular basis.Specialists visit Kooweerup Regional Health Service at specific times each month for initial consultations and appointments; and the ongoing care of patients.For specialist visiting times and appointments, please call 5997 9679.

Looking after your heart is vital to a long and healthy life. If your GP thinks you need cardiac care, you have access to a specialist cardiologist at Kooweerup Regional Health Service.Read More

Through our specialist pathology service, we can test for a wide range of blood related health issues. You will need a referral from your GP for this service.
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Palliative care
We offer community and inpatient palliative care services. Our aim is to provide high quality care to all patients and their families through the palliative phase of their illness.
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Taking care of yourself or your family in the later years is vital to maintaining health and wellbeing.
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