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As in all communities, our community experiences a range of social and health challenges which impact on the quality of life for many people. KRHS can assist you or your family in many ways to ensure you enjoy life and your community. The information shown here are some of the services you will find at KRHS and also some useful links for more information. Are you a farmer in need of support? Have a look at this website: We are working with Cardinia Shire to stop, prevent and end family violence. Together We Can

Seeking Consumer Voice on Disability Action in South Gippsland

Four regional health services are seeking community voice to better inform the way they deliver more inclusive healthcare for people with disability.

The South Gippsland Coast Partnership (SGCP) is an alliance between Kooweerup Regional Health Service (KRHS), South Gippsland Hospital (SGH), Gippsland Southern Health Service (GSHS) and Bass Coast Health (BCH) work together to reduce and remove the barriers experienced by 1 in 5 Australians who report to have a disability

A key initiative of the SGCP is to gain a whole of region perspective on services for people with disabilities and the inclusiveness of the health services. The SGCP is inviting anonymous feedback between 7 December and 15 January to complement targeted work to capture consumer voice in the region.

“Critical to the success of the SCGP is active participation of people with lived experience of disability. We are committed to continue to listen deeply and learn from our staff and consumers, this is how we will make a difference” Jan Child, Chief Executive Officer, Bass Coast Health

“Partnerships are critical in promoting positive outcomes for people with a disability. There is strength in working together to enable positive changes across the region, while each health service is developing its own local response” Aileen Primary Health Manager, Kooweerup Regional Health Service

“Being inclusive is about attitudes, behaviours, policies and practices that enable full and equal participation for everyone. Our services need to be flexible and responsive to diversity and where diverse communities are empowered as active participants at all levels of planning, decision-making and delivery” Paul Greenhalg, Chief Executive Officer, SGH

To access the consumer survey, please visit:

To learn more about the SCGP contact:

Michelle Isles, Bass Coast Health

Claire Kent, South Gippsland Hospital

Aileen Thoms, Kooweerup Regional Health Service

Vivian Carroll, Gippsland Southern Health Service


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